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intelligence is such a turn on

so is a huge co*ck

why did you put an asterisk you still spelt the whole word

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Dear Hollywood,





why in the FUCK are you casting people like Zoe Saldana to play people like Nina Simone.


When you have actors who are way more talented and actually resemble the people you want to portray. Like Lorraine flippin’ Toussaint!!!!!



oueax M GEE!!!

She would be perf omfg

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Urgent - Please Spotlight:
I regret to tell you that Christina Fonthes - a dear friend and organiser of Rainbow Noir has been held against her will in The Congo - she was on a family holiday with her mother who has decided to have Christina ‘cured’ of her sexuality. 
Christina has managed to escape from her aunt’s house and is currently hiding out with a friend. She has access to internet and has been communicating with us via email. The next available flight is 2nd September - 5 days away! Chris needs help and protection from the British Embassy in Congo but her mother has reported her missing and therefore we need to get in contact with both the UK Home Office and UK embassy in Congo to let them know that she is in danger and that her mother is lying/the one endangering her life!!PLEASE SHARE THIS ON ALL YOUR NETWORKS. CALL, EMAIL, TWEET the British embassy on behalf of Christina - the more we call, the more attention it will bring to her case and hopefully they will act quicker in getting Christina to a safe place. HER MOTHER HAS HER PASSPORT AND TRAVELING DOCUMENTS!CHRISTINA’S LIFE IS IN DANGER. PLEASE DO AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. 
If you can help please contact @RainbowNoirMCR or @WritersofColour on twitter.

Please re-tumblr this. This is an actual friend of ours and we need your help to get her home safe.
Q: Solange gets dragged for her hair (and facial features) by the same ignorant people. People who stay telling her to get a perm or a weave because "you're Beyonce's sister and you look like that, eww". So the fact that they are putting applying that kind of thinking to Beyonce's daughter should come as no surprise. They don't even respect her sister. The ignorant buy into the beauty code put forth publicly by Beyonce herself and anyone who goes against it, relative or not, gets dragged.


Anon….I love you

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Yeah it’s pretty fucked up how people don’t realize that ideas like oh he doesn’t speak English well = he’s stupid are inherently racist and were pioneered by racists to ensure separation in academic and professional field. The way you speak English will never be an indicator of your intelligence ever

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my “bestfriend” posted this earlier and it like really bothered me considering I myself have always struggled with writing and she like knows that???? and I also had to see people dismiss my father thoughts and ideas because he suffers from dyslexia and they like brushed him off and made him seem like some stupid nigga and he actually taught me A LOT OF REALLY USEFUL STUFF and is like a true fucking hustler and always gets shit done. Just don’t like dismiss people’s ideas and stuff cause they can’t spell or whatever you might miss out on something important. 

and this is even more random considering her mother is from the fucking philippines and I have literally seen people laugh in her face because she doesn’t speak english the right way??? whiteness is a fucking disease ain’t it?  xxvalleygirlxx:



One of my favorite quotes of all time