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This is so sad

hows this sad? a tree grows in brooklyn and u choose to see weeds

exactly this is innovative



Where was all the “Stop reblogging celebrity nudes” talk when i had to see Chris Brown dick on my dash about a billion times but now since a couple of female titties got leaked yall wanna bitch with ya fake asses 

My nigga spot on w/ this one.

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I’m Not Watching All-White Movies Anymore
When you do the math it just doesn’t add up.  A movie costs about $13.75. Plus parking and snacks.  On average, I’m spending about $25 every time I go see a movie.  I usually see a movie at least 4 times a month.  That’s $100 a month.  Multiply that by 12 months and I’m spending $1200 a year on movies alone.  That’s rent money.
I’m wasting rent money on these films that purposefully exclude me.  Why would I do that?  That’s completely insane.  
If I took that $1200 every year and put it in my savings account I could invest in my own original content.  I wish I’d thought of doing this years ago.  I’d probably be directing a feature film by now.  But as they say, there’s no time like the present. 
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It’s called their green


Over 30 orders waiting to go out. Just waiting on USPS to get over maintenance so I can print postage. This doesn’t include all the wristbands waiting to go out

Dear BLK Proverbs fans
I did not die, blog is not ending, nor am I trying to scam people out of money.
My living situation changed dramatically and I have been homeless. That’s right, I’ve been running a business mostly from my car, showering in one place and sleeping in another. It’s really hard to balance everything from your car with no wifi depending on where you are.
3 days ago, I got my own apartment, yesterday I spent all day processing over 50 orders. The good thing is, I can now send orders right after they’ve been placed (unless they are pre-order)
Thank you all for being patient with me. If you have been waiting, it’s coming.
peace and love and more proverbs soon.




A Pakistani student Rai Haris Manzoor has made a new world record by passing the O-Level examination of the University of Cambridge at the age of nine years. He completed the courses of seven classes in 17 months.
Previously, the record of the youngest O-Level student was with Sitara Brooj Akbar of Chiniot in Punjab. She passed the exam at the age of 11.


How great are my people though?



two young black girls get tied up and tossed out like trash and the news thinks it’s important to mention that one of them had two outstanding warrants on charges of burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and the other was arrested for having no valid driver’s license.

if it was annabelle schwimer and teagan lynn bauchman, i really wonder if those details would be important in a news article detailing their murder.

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If a girl is lucky enough to receive any sex education, she will be taught the biological basics. She’ll learn that men have penises and testicles and produce sperm and women have vaginas and uterii and produce ova. She’ll learn that when a man and a woman have sex, the man inserts his penis into the woman’s vagina until he ejaculates. She’ll learn that the semen in the ejaculate will render her vulnerable to pregnancy so she will have to protect herself by using a hormonal or a barrier contraceptive. Hormonal contraception is preferable because barrier methods such as condoms, while safer for women, apparently reduce sensation for men which is obviously a no-no. It’s much better that a woman take a pill every day for her entire reproductive lifespan, or get a painful injection every 12 weeks, or have a copper rod inserted into her uterus, or a silicone rod implanted into her arm. She probably won’t learn that 3 out of 4 women never orgasm from vaginal intercourse. She almost definitely won’t learn how women do achieve orgasm. She’ll learn her place as a receptacle. Let Me Slip Into Something A Little Less Comfortable (via yourtinyraindrop)

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