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Q: So, me and my friends were talking about our history homework in the cafeteria. Then this white chick who was sitting with us asked "Why are we even learning about civil rights? Everyone already has them." Then she tried to talk about how white people don't get special treatment. When she said that, I look straight at her and told her to say it again. She didn't say anything afterwards.

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When I die I want to be reincarnated as the tray that collects the warm papers fresh out of the printer

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Q: I've come to the conclusion that white people only care about "equality" when they're denied things they had NO RIGHT TO in the first place, i.e. the N-word; safe spaces for PoC; other countries' land and resources...



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Don’t argue your path with other people. Walk it. The Lazy Yogi (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

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Mos Def | Adrian Dennis

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My sister got a microscope for her birthday